Police: Man charged in double murder after kicked out of party near Temple

A man is facing murder charges accused of killing two people after police say he was tossed out of a party near the Temple University campus. As police make an arrest in this case, they still have another unsolved murder on their hands on the very same North Philadelphia street.

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It's been a rough month for people who live on Diamond Street, but there was relief Friday just off Temple's campus after police announced an arrest in a double murder three weeks ago.

Diamond Street has been the scene of serious gun violence with 3 murders in recent weeks. One on April 21st that left two young people dead and 2 others wounded. Then, last weekend 21-year-old Temple student Dan Duignam was shot and killed a block away.

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Homicide detectives have now charged 19-year-old Sydear Green with the double homicide and double shooting outside a party that was promoted on social media.

As for the motive, "He was angry for getting kicked out--they did a very good-- several week investigation lead us to him," Philadelphia Homicide Captain Jack Ryan said.

Green lives right around the corner on Norris Street. He has no prior record.

Captain Ryan says police are making progress in Duignam's murder. His apartment was ransacked and he was robbed. Police say there was a violent struggle and no signs of forced entry. This was not random.

"We're still looking at a number of different avenues. We have two or three different avenues that they're investigating at this point," Philadelphia Homicide Captain Jack Ryan said.

Captain Ryan noted that the party was promoted on social media. He says anyone attending these open invitation parties should be careful.