Police: Man setup and robbed in Olney

Police are warning the public tonight after a man was setup and robbed of approximately $300 and his cellphone.

Surveillance video captured the victim walking with a young woman who was supposed to be taking him to see the landlord of a rental property in the area of East Clarkson Street in Olney, seconds later, his money and cell phone were gone.

"In this case, as they say buyer beware. In this case, it's renter beware," Captain Malachi Jones told FOX 29 on Thursday.

Police say it happened Sunday afternoon as the 23-year-old victim showed up to look at a rental property in Olney. He met a woman named 'Kayla' at Front and Olney as they walked towards the property a man came up from behind them.

"An unknown male approaches them from behind. Produces a handgun and announces a robbery. Tells the male to give him everything he has," Jones said.

Police say the woman also told the victim to turn over his cash and phone, then she took off with the gun-toting robber.

"It was obvious that it was a setup because she told the victim to just comply and give it up," Captain Jones added.

"That's crazy man. She's setting people up in the street. That's bad," said Tim Brown who lives right near the robbery scene.

Brown says this case shows you have to be on guard, even if you're meeting someone who's showing you a rental property.

"I think they should take somebody else with them. You can't trust people's word these days," Brown told FOX 29.

Captain Jones agrees. He says consumers should watch out for scams like this.

The victim was not injured. Police say 'Kayla' is 5'9" She was wearing a black coat with fur around the collar and a camouflage sweatshirt.