Police: Man stockpiled nearly 50 guns inside Pennsylvania storage unit

Police say they found close to 50 guns stockpiled inside a Pennsylvania storage unit rented by a convicted felon.

Authorities found the guns while searching a unit Wednesday at Dreamer's Self-Storage in Bethlehem Township. Police Captain Greg Gottschall says there were dozens of rifles and pistols inside, including many without serial numbers.

Investigators say they were led to the unit after someone selling a gun in California complained that the buyer didn't pay.

Police say the buyer was Matthew Colabella, a 23-year-old Bethlehem man who was prohibited from possessing firearms due to an undisclosed juvenile conviction.

The man was taken into custody in Wildwood, New Jersey Thursday night. Wildwood police say a search of his vehicle resulted in the discovery of an expandable baton and hollow point ammunition.

Colabella is facing multiple charges, including illegally having firearms and receiving stolen property.