Police: Man throws nails on driveway of South Jersey business

Police say they are investigating an act of vandalism in South Jersey.

Rick Wydra added air back into one of his tires after he says it was punctured by roofing nails.

"Mad at the world and just don't have anything better to do-- I guess," he explained.

Vineland police say a man on a motorcycle threw nails on the driveway of Compass Wire Cloth Corp where Rick works.

"I would say, 'God help you because you got more problems than we can solve if you have to go around throwing nails in driveways,'" Rick explained.

Rick says it took a second job for him to shell out the $600 for the new tires just two weeks before this happened. Company officials say around 20 cars had tires popped by the nails.

Vineland Police say the same thing happened in the driveway at Seren Industrial Power Systems on Gallagher Drive.

Investigators released still shots from surveillance video showing the man with the motorcycle. According to police, he was seen traveling around, tossing the nails onto driveways, but the actual video is being held as evidence.

Rick says it's happened three times where he works and thinks he's seen the man before.