Police: Man wanted for dragging dog behind truck in Florida

Hernando County deputies are searching for 58-year-old Gregory Tousignant in connection with an animal cruelty case first reported Friday.

Deputies say Tousignant is the man who dragged a 1-year-old dog behind his moving truck before the animal slipped out of his collar and Jan Harwood, a witness, rushed to help.

"It was absolutely horrible. There are no words to describe it, really," Harwood told FOX 13.

Harwood was in the right place at the right time and was able to get the dog to the vet clinic she happens to own. She says the dog -- who's now named Ollie -- is doing much better after being treated for severe road rashes on his body as well as bloody paws.

"He's doing really well, he doesn't have any broken bones or internal injuries," Harwood said.

Michael Terry, a spokesman for the Hernando Sheriff's Office, says several people called 911 after seeing what was happening. Deputies say this doesn't appear to be intentional because the dog was standing in the bed of the truck before jumping.

"[Witnesses] saw the dog jump out of the truck as he was traveling down the road, and they actually tried to stop him. [Tousignant] didn't hear him," Terry said.

Investigators say intent doesn't matter in this case because the dog was unsecured and tied to the bumper of the truck -- and that is negligence.

A judge has issued a warrant for Tousignant's arrest on animal cruelty charges but they're having a hard time tracking him down.

"He moves from place to place to place, that's what is making it difficult for us to locate him right now," Terry said.

Tousignant faces an animal cruelty charge which carries a $1,000 bond.