Police pursuit of man ends on the roof of a North Philly business

SkyFOX was over the scene of a wild pursuit that started in North Philly 6 p.m. Wednesday.

Dozens of police cars all involved in trying to stop a 25-year-old man wanted for major crimes.

It started at 9th and Lehigh where detectives from the major crimes auto squad were doing surveillance on the suspect. They spotted him getting into a white van and when they ordered him to stop they say he sped off.

"He actually crashed into a major crimes police vehicle. Two detectives had to physically jump out of the way of the van that ran right towards the two detectives," said Chief Inspector Scott Small.

Police trailed the suspect for about three miles but had to call off the pursuit when they say the suspect began going the wrong way on the Boulevard. Eventually he pulled into a parking lot in the back of a business on the 5300 block of North 5th Street where officers were waiting after a police helicopter trailing him alerted them. The suspect then climbed onto the roof of the business. Police found a ladder and followed him to make the arrest.

"He was actually trying to jump off but police were able to pull him back on and make an apprehension," said Chief Inspector Small. Police say the suspect has three active felony arrest warrants and is wanted for burglaries, car thefts, failure to appear in court and assault on police.

"This is a very dangerous individual who commits a lot of crimes and very desperate to escape from police custody," said Chief Inspector Small who also said the suspect is the same person who escaped custody last month and crashed into a marked police car before getting away.

The suspect was taken to episcopal hospital for minor injuries from climbing the roof. Police on scene say one officer also suffered minor injuries but it's unclear how.