Police search for hit-and-run driver who injured woman and grandson

Police are searching for a hit-and-run driver after a woman and her grandson were injured while crossing the street.

"I was very scared and upset and in pain." Rhondy Eileen Campbell spoke to FOX 29 by phone as she rests following a terrifying hit and run on the 7200 block of Haverford Avenue in Overbrook Thursday night.

"We pushed the button to cross the street. The cars on that side of the street had stopped. The next thing, I know we were on the ground," she explained.

Surveillance video from a corner store shows the 59-year-old victim and 15-year-old boy crossing the street just before a black SUV struck them.

Police say the westbound SUV went around another car, driving on the bike lane and shoulder when the crash happened.

"Horrible sharp pain. My leg is swollen. My foot is swollen. I had to go back whether or not they're going to operate.

Neighbors showed FOX 29 how the crosswalk warning light is ignored by drivers and have lobbied city officials to return a stop light that was removed two years ago.

The Philadelphia Streets Department confirms the stoplight was removed as part of PennDOT's Haverford Avenue Improvement Project.

Concerned neighbors say they've collected numerous signatures in the time since to get the light back.

As for the victim, she wants the light back and for the driver who hit her to come forward.

"What is wrong with you? Why did you run us down like that? That's what I would say."