Police: Second camera found in Starbucks bathroom

For the second time, a hidden camera was found inside a Starbucks bathroom at the same Alpharetta location.

Around 11:30 Thursday morning, Alpharetta Police said an employee found the recording device at the business on Old Milton Parkway.

This is the second time in less than a month that a hidden camera was discovered there, also tucked underneath a baby changing station.

Police cannot say how long the camera had been there, or how many people were captured on video. Investigators seized the video and are scouring it for digital forensic information to find the perpetrators of both hidden cameras.

The first hidden camera was discovered April 17 by a Starbucks customer. Police seized the recording device and found possibly up to ten men and women were captured on video.

Starbucks corporate officials released the following statement: "Since the original incident, we've increased [the] rate of bathroom checks to prevent any foul play. Our partners (employees) moved swiftly once they found the device and called law enforcement."

Police said the perpetrator would face felony charges of invasion of privacy.

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