Police: Thousands stolen from elderly victims in Delaware phone scam

Authorities in Delaware say scammers stole thousands of dollars from elderly people by posing as family members in dire need of money. 

The New Castle Division of Police responded Monday to the homes of at least four different victims between the ages of 83 and 90-years-old. 

Each victim told police a similar story about being contacted by a person who claimed to be a family member in serious legal trouble and in need of bail money.

At least three victims handed over between $9K and $15K to people who came to the victim's homes to collect the money. 

In one instance, police said an 83-year-old asked to see a suspect's ID when he came to pick up the money. When the suspect refused, the victim closed the door.

The department shared photos of each suspect captured by doorbell security cameras. 

Anyone with information about the scam or the suspect's whereabouts is asked to contact the New Castle County Division of Police.