Police: Two Men Posed as Public Works Employees in Burglary

Gloucester Township police are warning the public to be on the lookout after two men allegedly posed as public works employees to pull off a recent burglary.

"What happened to morals?" asked one resident.

It's the question many in the Blenheim section of Gloucester Township are asking after police say two men posed as water company employees and ripped off an elderly woman at Honey Locust and Lakeview Streets.

"The lady was outside, she looked really upset," said one neighbor.

Investigators say one of the fake water department workers told the woman they had to check her faucets. According to police, both men got inside and swiped her money and jewelry.

"A lot of times it is the elderly who they prey upon and take the money that they don't have," said Gloucester Township Police Captain Anthony Minossi.

Captain Minossi says these cases are known as distraction burglaries where thieves pose as utility workers and lie their way into a senior's home to take advantage.

"It saddens me that I have to sit here and tell the story because we have victims all over. These predators are out there, that they find these victims."

Captain Minossi says you should ask questions and pay close attention to protect yourself.

If you are suspicious of someone in your neighborhood who is soliciting, especially if they are being pushy or aggressive; be sure to call the GTPD non-emergency number 856-228-4500 or if an emergency situation then dial 9-1-1.