Police warn of beaver attack on man's dog walking along creek in Medford Township

Police in New Jersey are warning pet owners to keep your furry friend close while walking them. This comes after a man says his yellow lab was bitten and pulled into a creek by a beaver.

"We were watching a movie and I heard a knock on the back door and it was a guy kind of pacing looking nervous and scared," said Brian Barreras. His home surveillance cameras captured a man knocking on his Medford Township door to warn him about a vicious attack.

"I just want to let you know I was walking along the side of the creek and a beaver attacked us," the man was heard saying on the video.

We've blurred the victim's face because his name hasn't been released. He told Barreras he was walking along Rancocas Creek near Branch Street Wednesday evening with his dog when a beaver charged them.

"I was walking the trail and he jumped out at me. My dog jumped in front of him in front of me and it snatched him," the said on the video.

According to the Medford Township Police Department's Facebook page, the man told police the beaver came out of the creek and pulled his dog into the water. He was able to pull the dog back out but not before the beaver took a bite out of the dog's hind leg.

The park has been closed since the attack. Police plan to trap the animal and have it evaluated and possibly relocated. Barreras has several livestock on his property. He lives across the street from the park with his wife and two sons.

"I'm usually with them. I'm not really concerned. It's probably not going to happen again I hope," he said.

Still, he's glad the man stopped by to alert them.

"He was just being a Good Samaritan. He knew I had children, lives around the corner and he was just getting out the warning early," said Barreras.

The dog reportedly had to have stitches but is doing OK. Police say the park is closed until further notice to keep people and their pets safe.