Police warn of credit card thieves in Chester County

Police say a team of credit card thieves have spent the last year breaking into cars in the parking lot of the Phoenixville YMCA.

According to authorities the suspects open unlocked cars, force their way into vehicles or grab a set of keys from unlocked lockers inside the YMCA building.

"A lot of people are very trustworthy in there," Sean Shannon said. "Nobody really locks those lockers."

Investigators say the alleged thieves are usually looking for credit and debit cards to use at local retail stores. Account activity from one stolen card saw a charge for over $3,000 at the Apple Store. 

Detectives say the suspects will reprint copies of the victim's drivers license and replace the picture with their own in order to use credit and bank cards. An investigation revealed that the suspects also cover their tracks by swapping out cars and license plates.

“I don’t know why that happens nowadays. I don’t really understand it. I want it to be a better place for my kids but it doesn’t seem to be going that way," one local said.

Police say the suspects are usually dressed in gym clothes to blend into their surrounded target.

Police believe these suspects are connected to a larger operation and working in thefts that may reach as far as Iowa.