Pregnant woman shot after home invaders wake up family

A group of home invaders attacked a family sleeping overnight and left a pregnant woman shot in her right thigh.

The Kensington family woke up before 3am to someone kicking in their front door in the 3000 block of N. Front Street.

The two masked men made it upstairs to a bedroom, where the 25-year-old woman -- who is there months pregnant -- actually tried to fight them off. Police say her 21-year-old boyfriend was standing behind her.

Police say the men were "yelling at her and then the first male pointed a black handgun at her and fired a shot towards her."

She was shot in her right thigh and then the intruders ran off.

Now, the victim is in stable condition.

Her other children -- ages three and six -- were not hurt.

They're staying with family members.

Police are trying to figure out whether this family was targeted, or it was a case of mistaken identity.