Problems on flight from North Carolina to Philadelphia leaves passengers stranded for hours

A local woman says problems on a plane left passengers flying from North Carolina to Philadelphia stranded for hours.

For Lisa Tyson it was a day and night she won't soon forget as she tried to make her way from Charlotte, North Carolina back to Philadelphia on Frontier Airlines over the weekend.

"A nightmare, it was a nightmare. We were mistreated. Nobody would address us. There were people with medical needs, didn't have medication," she told FOX 29.

First, Lisa says her plane from Charlotte to Philadelphia was delayed Sunday evening because of 2 flat tires, then her flight was canceled. When the airline finally got another plane to complete the flight Monday morning, Lisa says there were more delays and problems, including big bugs on board.

"There were bugs all over the plane so my husband was going around the plane killing bugs and they brought someone else from maintenance on the plane to kill the bugs," Lisa explained.

Lisa says dozens of passengers were forced to make other arrangements after their first flight was canceled. She says she and her husband also had to care for two wheelchair-bound passengers.

"My husband and I helped with them just wheeling them around cause the airport didn't do that either," Lisa explained.

The Tysons say they made several attempts to get help from Frontier and airport personnel without much success. They lost a day of work and paid for their own hotel.

"Anytime we went to the Frontier desk they basically said we don't know. We don't know. I called corporate," Lisa said.

Frontier Airlines offered $650 in travel vouchers, $150 for hotels and 2 vouchers to the passengers.