Questions about SEPTA car problems hard to answer

SEPTA has revealed a little more about the problems it has been having with its Silverliner V cars over the past few weeks, which have taken out most of its Regional Rail fleet.

Cracks and defects on trains have led to headaches and frustrations for passengers, and the intense heat is making matters much worse. Thursday morning at SEPTA's Overbrook garage, crews took rail cars off the rails, and their parts apart for the media to inspect. The tiny cracks are extremely hard to see.

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They're still waiting for test results. Then, they'll have to figure out how to fix the cars. There are four possibilities but none chosen. That also means no timetable on when they'll be back in service.

Labor Day will be a milestone, when vacations end, school starts up, and ridership picks up. Until then, there may be a few more rental rail cars from Maryland, Massachusetts and Amtrak.

Hopefully, they'll be able to be fixed sooner rather than later.