Ravitz Family ShopRite in Cherry Hill hosts night for law enforcement and first responders

A grocery store in Cherry Hill held a night for law enforcement and first responders who are on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic.

"I think it's great. I think the Ravitz family doing this for everybody is fantastic," said Samantha Murphy. She’s an EMT with Evesham Fire. On Thursday, she joined other first responders and law enforcement invited by the Ravitz family. They own a ShoprRite in Cherry Hill and invited the groups to come get their grocery shopping done on a night with a much smaller crowd.

"I actually just told them inside I've never been here before when it was this empty ever. It’s insane. It's great. I got everything I needed. I got disinfectant wipes," said Murphy.

The store allotted two hours from 8 to 10 p.m. for the families who work on the front lines of the coronavirus to keep us safe to come in. The store was set up with essentials that were easy to find and aisles clear to make shopping quick and easy for them.


"It's an absolute nice thing for them to do for the services. Absolutely," said Barrington Police Chief Dave Uron said.

The store also uses social media to help law enforcement and first responders with typically hectic schedules make the best use of their time so they're sure to get what they need any days they come to shop.

"They have their Facebook page that they're posting when things are in stock and a lot of people a lot of EMTs, law enforcement and fire fighters they're working during that time and can't rush over here and get bread or eggs or whatever. So what they're doing is great," said Murphy. Workers with Liberty Wellness, an outpatient program in Berlin that helps people in recovery from drug addiction setup out front.

They gave out free hand sanitizer to those who came.

"We’re in trying and difficult times right now but I firmly believe that if we stick together and work together and help our neighbors and our communities that we'll come out of this in a position of strength." Said Greg Maurer.


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