Recovered anorexic becomes body positive blogger

(WTXF) - A woman who formerly suffered from anorexia is now encouraging other women to embrace their bodies by posting pictures of her new-found curves in bikinis on Instagram.

Megan is 22-years-old and on her website she described herself as a "recovered self-loather" after she became anorexic in 2007. But now, Megan is back to health and posts photos of herself online celebrating her shape. She even calls herself a "belly-roll babe" in one photo. Megan wrote more about her struggle with anorexia on her website.

She now calls herself a body positive "warrior." She says that her battle started through a friendship that ended up being unhealthy for both girls. "I had a fleeting and intense friendship with the new girl in school," Megan wrote. "We spent every day together, drowning each other in our insecurities."

According to Megan, the friendship was "coaching" both of the girls to an eating disorder. She wrote that they would go "sneaking out of the house at 6am to go running, or playing badminton for hours and hours in my garden, eventually crawling inside and feeding our exhaustion with mountains of biscuits and cakes."