Restaurant Owner Offers Discount to Licensed Gun Owners

INDIANAPOLIS, IN (WTXF) A popular Cajun restaurant in Indiana was robbed and now the establishment's owner is enforcing new policies on firearms.

After being robbed, the eatery's owner says he will offer customers a discount for showing their gun licenses when they enter the establishment.

Employees say the robbery occurred on a regular night when the suspect, in his 20s, entered wearing a jacket and beanie. Restaurant employees were behind the counter.

"He walked in and we said, 'Hello, welcome to Papa Roux.' He stood in line and I did not think anything of it," Hanna Watts, another Papa Roux employee, says.

What the employees did not know was that the man was not there to order a meal--he wanted cash.

"He told me don't move, don't open the register. I have a gun," Alex Verbarg, a Papa Roux employee says. "He was the last person in line so he was just waiting his turn. I did not pick up on it."

When the crew did not give in to the suspect's orders, he grabbed what he could, according to employees.

"He was looking around; he looked like he was really scared at that point. He took the money from our tip jars said thanks and ran out of the door," Verbarg says.

This is the first time Papa Roux has been robbed in their eight years of business--and the owner says it is the last. The restaurant installed several security cameras, and also enforced a new unique discount.

Effective immediately, Papa Roux is now offering a 25 percent discount to customers who show their license to carry a handgun.

"If you are a stable legal carrier, let me know. I will reward that," Owner of Papa Roux, Art Bouvier, says.