Restaurants and bars participate in 'Philly Beer Week'

Philly Beer Week is upon the city once more. 

Friday night kicked off a week long stretch where beer enthusiast from Philadelphia and the surrounding counties converge on the city to discover new and sometimes unusual libations.

"Personally I like sours. I like lighter beers, wheat beers, things that are more summer-y in nature," Max Thalheimer said.

Others perfer more earthy flavors in their glass.

"I perfer Belgian style beers, and Philadelphia is a great place to drink Belgian beers," said a patron at Mad Rex restaurant on Friday.

Whether you like pilsners or stouts, IPAs or porters, Philly Beer Week features special offerings across city bars and restaurants that will make any beer snob giddy. 

Over at the Bottle Bar in Fishtown, tart is the name of the game for this weekend's offerings.

"Most of our draft list is going to be sours, it's going to be wild ales, sour IPAs. Things of that nature," said manager Megan Whetham.

A Mad Rex restaurant will feature more conservative styles.

"We Will have $5 Victory 'Sour Monkey,' Left Eye, Right Eye Double IPA, and Kronenbourg  Blanc pints." 

A list of all the deals and events involved with Philly Beer Week can be found here: