Roxborough man gives out free pet food for those in need

Eric Maak is a self-described independent dog rescuer. He took to Facebook on Wednesday to put a call out for a pet food bank he was hosting.

“We try to give out a month's worth, which for a smaller dog would be like two or three bags of food. For a larger dog, two bags, a case of cans if I have them. Some smaller dog food, ya know, what we can," he told FOX 29.


Buddy Reigne, like many, has bills piling up and saw a pet food bank as a saving grace.

“I saw it on social media and I was just home and looked and out of dog food and money’s running low. You’re still waiting to see if you get that stimulus check, ya know, you struggle and fight to keep your dreams alive,"  Reigne explained.

He says Maak’s event is easily saving him $80 on dog food. It's hardly an insignificant amount of money.

“This gentleman here is doing a great thing. You show me a person who doesn’t need help, they’re lying because right now we need all," Reigne said.


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