Scaled down Thanksgiving or have a big dinner, folks across the Delaware Valley make plans

With coronavirus cases on the rise, people are trying to make their Thanksgiving plans. Are they scaling down a family gathering, or inviting everyone and running the risk of an outbreak?

Waiting for her connection Tuesday at 30th Street Station, heading out to visit her son, Teresa Areces showed off pictures of her first Thanksgiving more than 50 years ago, after coming to the United States from Cuba.

She says she planned this trip more than a year ago and isn’t missing it.

“We’re being careful. Sanitizing, maintaining distance and following the rules. It didn’t cancel the plans. Everybody is well and, so far, we are lucky,” Areces explained.

Coronavirus Restrictions: What you need to know in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware

As the coronavirus outbreak worsens, and the CDC and many state and local leaders continue to urge against traveling, people say they feel they took the necessary precautions before their trip. They did go back and forth, at times, however.

“A little bit apprehensive. Social distancing is super important,” stated David Richards.

“I decided to do it, but it was a very hard decision for me, because I am 72-years-old. When I get on the train, I spray my area and I wipe it down and I stay in my seat,” Reverend Georgiette Morgan-Thomas explained.


In bustling Suburban Square, in Montgomery County for last minute turkey day shopping, Joshua Moore says Thanksgiving will look the same, just at the house with his family.

“Pretty much the same thing we do every \year. Just sit in the house with the family and eat. All close family and not too many extra people,” Moore commented.

But, while many condensed their gathering, changed plans completely or are still waiting until the last possible minute to decide, nurse Sue Stopper says her extended family pulled the plug on a big gathering back in the summer and she doesn’t regret it.

“It is what it is. It’s not the end of the world. We have to do what we have to do to be responsible. There’s going to be more Thanksgivings and Christmases, so we just have to deal with it,” Stopper said.



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