Second week of trial begins in case of slain Temple University student Jenna Burleigh

Monday marked the beginning of the second week in the murder trial of Temple University student Jenna Burleigh.

Jurors viewed disturbing photos in morning testimony that depicted Burleigh's body naked and stuffed into a blue plastic bin.

The bin, wrapped in paper, was hauled into court had been found on the Poconos property of the grandmother of accused killer Joshua Hupperterz.

The ex-husband of Hupperterz's grandmother testified he found the bin in a shed on the property and looked in to see a human head. State police were then called to the scene.

There were more pictures showcasing scratches on Hupperterz's body and a deep cut closed by stitches on a finger of his right hand.

Jenna Burleigh's father, Ed Burleigh, declined to comment after the brutal images of his daughter were shown.

His wife stood outside the courtroom and wept loudly in the arms of supporters during the morning break.

Prosecutors allege Hupperterz, 29 at the time, killed the 22-year-old Temple student after she cut short sexual activity with him in late August 2017.

Hupperterz admitted to moving the body to the Poconos but claims his former roommate, Jack Miley is the killer. Miley has not been charged in the case.

Crime scene investigators told jurors how they obtained and preserved evidence while the defense argues for the alleged killer's innocence.