Several dogs in need after owner dies, leaving them alone on property

A group of neighbors in Waller County is desperate for help as they try to take care of several dogs that have been left to fend for themselves after their owner died. 

The property has been neglected for years and became overrun with trash. The owner lived there with over a dozen dogs until she passed away just before Christmas. Neighbors have stepped in to try to save the dogs, but are in need of help.

Our camera caught about seven dogs on the property, which is located on Fieldstore Road. Some were chained up, but all seemed healthy, thanks to an 83-year-old friend of the owner. She has been coming by every day to feed the dogs and give them fresh water. It’s a lot for her to do all by herself, which is why some neighbors have stepped in.

Christin Lesko with Humanity Rocks tells FOX 26 she has tried to help the owner in the past.

“She’s just had a really hard time taking care of them, and when I learned of her passing here recently I felt like we needed to try to come together and see if we can get some help out here to get the dogs out," Lesko said.

Three of the dogs got loose and were killed after being hit by cars. One dog was found dead on the 5-acre property. It is a lot to take in when you see the land, but look past the debris, and anyone will recognize that the first thing that needs to be done, is to find these dogs a loving home.

“They are not aggressive, they are very sweet. They are just scared, they are here alone in the woods," says Christine Bossi, a concerned neighbor.

“She loved these dogs with everything she had, and she put her welfare behind theirs, and so now that she is gone the only request she had was that the dogs not be euthanized. So I think that if we can get some rescues to step up here and come out and get the dogs, you know, that would be very helpful," says Lesko.

As much as they need help, getting Animal Control involved would mean that the dogs' chance of survival are slim. The neighbors are hoping that an animal rescue group will be able to take the dogs in. Lesko says the rescue groups can contact her at 281-507-2259

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