Shots fired at SEPTA bus; No injuries reported

Police in North Philadelphia are investigating after a SEPTA bus was allegedly shot at.

Bullet holes littered throughout a SEPTA Route 60 bus, all in an early Christmas morning shooting that could have easily ended in tragedy.

"It could have been worse. Somebody could have got hit. Somebody could have gotten killed on the bus," said Tameisha Christie.

Christie was shocked to learn of the overnight scare, which happened near a bus stop she just used.

Investigators say 11 people were on board, including the driver, waiting at a light at 6th and Allegheny when the driver heard multiple gunshots.

"I hear it and see it all the time. We're not safe out here no more," stated Mia Betancourt.

Police say the driver raced through lights, fearing for the lives on board, not stopping until Broad Street, eight major city blocks from the shooting scene.

"Basically, you just got to stay in the house because people just want to shoot people and kill people. It's sad," Christie added.

"We're not safe on the bus. Not safe going to work," Betancourt said.

Police say the gunfire hit the bus five times, with bullets ripping through windows and slamming into the metal walls, each one missing the souls on board.

"Kids, families. This is…I really don't know," Betancourt added.

"Y'all just need to put the guns down. Life is too short. Like, we are all supposed to come together," Christie said.