Weather Authority: St. Patrick's Day to bring taste of spring ahead of breezy, cooler weekend

St. Patrick's Day will be a mild and warm day bringing a taste of spring weather to the Delaware Valley. 

Temperatures in the area are beginning in the 40s and are set to reach the lower 60s by the afternoon hours. 

The average high temperature for this time of year is 53 degrees, making Friday's temperatures above average. 

A cold front is set to bring a line of showers through during the evening hours, dumping some light rain on St. Patrick's Day festivities. 

Looking ahead, Saturday will be about 10 degrees colder and will include a light breeze. 

Temperatures will continue to drop as Sunday's temperatures linger in the low 40s due to blustery winds. 



FRIDAY: St. Patrick's Day. High: 63, Low: 40

SATURDAY: Breezy, cooler. High: 52, Low: 40

SUNDAY: Brisk, blustery. High: 42, Low: 29

MONDAY: Spring arrives. High: 50, Low: 28

TUESDAY: Sunny, pleasant. High: 58, Low: 31

WEDNESDAY: Sunny, pleasant. High: 60, Low: 36

THURSDAY: Partly cloudy. High: 62, Low: 45