Stores step up sanitizing and safeguards to get customers to spend again

Since the coronavirus launched, everyone has had to adjust to a new normal, including businesses of all kinds.

Like many stores in the age of COVID-19, Out There Outfitters in Wayne is stepping up the sanitizing and safeguards to get customers to spend again, especially after coronavirus scared some away.

“We are wearing masks. We are disinfecting everything,” owner Heidi Fenstermacher said.

There is touchless hand sanitizer, plexiglass shields in front of the registers and signs everywhere reminding customers to keep six feet apart.

“If anyone returns anything or tries it on, we do a full steam of the clothing which, according to the CDC, you know, it kills the virus. We also wait 24 hours before we put it back on the rack,” Fenstermacher explained.

Fenstermacher says she’s doing everything she can to give customers a sense of security. The only one not wearing a mask is “Sugar,” the store mascot.

“It’s a small store, so it’s not intimidating like a bigger store and a lot of people in it,” Fenstermacher stated.

Lucas Mischler is working part-time for the summer and admits he was a little leery, at first.

“I’m coming a couple of times a week here. It’s concerning. I’m going back to my family. I’m glad we’re taking precautions. I’m wearing a mask,” Mischler explained.

At the nearby T.J. Maxx, a steady flow of customers in and out. Christina Scardino is happy to be shopping again, with some exceptions.

“I wouldn’t be comfortable buying clothes or trying on clothes right now. I don’t want to do any of that,” Scardino remarked.

Connor Breslin says he has no issues.

“They have all the signs up everywhere. There are signs social distancing. It says only 136 people allowed in the store. There weren’t too many people in there. It wasn’t bad,” Breslin said.


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