Stormtroopers help child endure cancer treatment

Not all Stormtroopers are evil, apparently.

Saint Louis Children's Hospital had some help from Stormtroopers getting a little boy through his cancer therapy.

Evan Cornett is 8-years-old and has a brain tumor. He underwent proton therapy in March.

Patients who undergo this therapy wear a specially-designed mask that targets the radiation where needed.

You have to lie very still in order for it to work.

At first, Evan had trouble sitting through the therapy and was upset.

That's when a child life therapist Hannah Heimos, at Saint Louis Children's Hospital, came up with the idea to paint his mask.

She spoke with Evan and found out he was a "Star Wars" fan.

She painted his proton therapy radiation mask to look like a Clone Trooper.

Stormtroopers showed up at the hospital to surprise Evan with his mask. They then escorted him through the halls of the hospital to the lab where he got through therapy with a smile.

Heimos says the masks make her young patients feel empowered and make radiation a little less frightening.