Students report seeing bed bugs at local school

PHILADELPHIA (WTXF) Students have reported seeing bed bugs at a local school. According to students, they are being moved classroom to classroom to avoid them.

Since Monday, students at Murrell Dobbins High School have reported seeing bedbugs in school. One student even took a picture.

"Soon as I saw it, I was like, I have to get out of here," student Daniel Young told FOX 29.

Students telling us they were shuffled from classroom to classroom.

No one from the district got back to FOX 29. However, students showed us a letter that went home to parents Monday, which said bed bugs were found, but a school is not conducive to an infestation.

Some students did leave early Thursday. The principal put out a robocall to parents, which said an exterminator is called at the first sign of a bedbug and a thorough cleaning is planned during spring break next week. The principal also threatened punishment for students who left early without following school rules.