Survey says Pennsylvania drivers are some of the rudest on the road

The roads around Philly are not for the faint of heart and now a new survey proves what we already know-- we're rude to our fellow drivers.

Admit it you've done it. You've cut someone off on the road or maybe you've stolen that prime parking spot at the mall. If you didn't know already drivers around here arepretty rude. A survey done by the non-profit "Kars for Kids" asked drivers about their driving habits.

Do you tailgate? Will you let someone pass you on the highway? It broke those results down into states. Turns out, Pennsylvania is among the most rude. 42 out of 50 states--scoring a D.The survey says we're likely to cut off others during traffic back ups.

New Jersey drivers got C. It ranked 32 but the second most likely to steal your parking spot.

But who has the rudest drivers? The survey says New York. If you're wondering, Idaho has the most polite drivers.