Tailgating or shopping with the same mission - preparing for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just days away and some folks made the most of Sunday to run errands. Others, tailgating prior to Eagles’ kickoff, used their tailgate time for the betterment of others.

Ritual Sunday morning grocery shopping paying off big time, this week.

“No particular strategy. It’s every Sunday morning, here, at Redner’s,” Nicholas Weber shared.

Weber scored a turkey and cart full of groceries to prepare for Thanksgiving dinner, without a wait in aisle seven.

Frozen turkeys

“We have our turkey, we have our stuff for our potato filling and stuffing and vegetables. Should be a good Thanksgiving,” Weber said.

The calm before the storm at Redner’s in Exeter Township on what staff say is the busiest shopping day to prepare for the holiday.

The Addison Family also benefitting from a grocery run before lunchtime.

“We’re getting some stuff for all the pies my wife is going to make. So, we have some apples and all the flour and sugar and things like that,” stated Mr. Addison.

But, in South Philadelphia, the priority before Thursday night diner is Sunday afternoon hoagies in Lot H.

Braving the cold, rainy morning to cheer on the Birds, but with the giving of Thanksgiving still on their minds.

“So, we started Turkey Day Tailgate five years ago. This is our fifth annual Turkey Day Tailgate,” Kate Marlys, owner of Philly PR Girl, said.

Canned goods for Turkey Day Tailgate

An annual event behind good food and drinks and a great cause. In exchange for a tailgate spot, Philly PR Girl and O’Hara Home Team Real Estate asked visitors to bring canned goods. They donate the canned goods to hunger relief organization Philabundance before Thanksgiving.

When it comes to helping those in need, they say they allow donations from everyone, even in Birds territory.

Canned goods for Turkey Day Tailgate

“We did have a couple Seahawks fans here earlier, but they brought a lot of canned goods, so we didn’t mind,” Marlys added.