Teen accidentally comes out to her whole family and allegedly homophobic grandma, post goes viral

A teenage girl is receiving an outpouring of support after she came out to her entire family, including her allegedly homophobic grandmother, in what she calls "the worst way possible."

Imgur user ProfessorUmbridge shared a screenshot from a Tumblr post made by a 16-year-old girl known as Katie.

The screenshot shows her reaction to accidentally announcing her status as a lesbian to a room of family members.

"I may have just accidentally came out to my entire family in the worst way possible," she wrote in a text message.

"My grandma was saying how gays are going to hell and I didn't want to deal with it so I started to leave.

"My cousin asked where I was going. "Hell apparently." What have I done."

Katie later posted the screenshot of the text message to her Tumblr page, writing, "The most terrifying five minutes of my life, but now that it's over, I'm kinda proud of this."

The post has been "reblogged" on Tumblr more than 239,000 times and the post on Imgur has been viewed more than 978,000 times.