Teen fights off carjacking suspect to save baby sister

A 13-year-old girl's courage and quick thinking helped both her, and her infant sister escape after a man allegedly stole their mother's car while they were in the back seat.

The incident occurred in broad daylight in Midvale, Utah on Sunday.

Surveillance video shows the moment the suspect approaches the car from across the street, and then jumps inside and drives off. 13-year-old Josslyn Millam was still in the back seat feeding her baby sister.

"My mom asked me to feed my baby sister because she was hungry and the guy just got in the car and started driving away," Josslyn recalled.

Carjacked and trapped with her baby sister, Jossyln sprang into action.

"I was hitting him as hard as I could. I was hitting him in the side of head, on the neck and the face," she explained.

Back at the gas station a massive search began with police fanning out while Jossyln's mother waited and worried.

While police searched, Josslyn continued to fight back.

"I told him that I didn't care if he kept me just take my baby sister back to him, my mom I mean," she recalled.

The suspect then pulled over in a parking lot and ran away on foot, leaving the girls behind.

Josslyn, her baby sister and her parents were safely re-united just minutes after the carjacking.

The suspect remained at large as of Monday morning.