Teen Screams 'My Car Won't Stop!' in 911 Call When Gas Pedal Breaks

A terrified teen frantically pleaded a 911 dispatcher for help while behind the wheel of her runaway car.

"My car just won't stop! My car will not stop!" Olivia Crooks, 16, is heard saying in the 911 call. "I can't stop my car. I think my gas pedal just broke!"

The teen told INSIDE EDITION that she was going 60 miles-an-hour down the street. She said she was driving home from school in Green Bay, Wisconsin, when the nightmare began.

In the 911 call, she told the operator: "When I have my foot completely on the brake, I cannot stop going 25 to 30. And I have my foot on the brake."

The 911 operator, Julie Rowback, knew just what to do. "She helped me through one of the most stressful moments of my life," said Crooks.

In the call, Rowback told her: "Shift into neutral if you can."

Crooks said: "I got it into neutral, but my engine keeps revving and it won't stop."

Her situation was about to get a lot worse. "My car is starting to smoke!" said Crooks.

Rowback said: "Keep it in neutral and try to apply firm constant pressure to your brake pedal gradually. Don't pump your brake. Apply the firm constant pressure to your brake pedal."

Finally Crooks said: "My car stopped."

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, the company that manufacturers the PT Cruiser Crooks was driving, told IE in a statement that they have "no reports of any similar occurrence. The Company is relieved no one was injured and commends the parties involved for their actions."

This isn't the first time a driver has been trapped in a car that just won't stop.

An incident in 2012 was captured on dashcam video. An SUV reached 115 miles-an-hour as it hurtled down a Missouri highway.

Its driver said the gas pedal apparently got stuck. The driver got out alive, but was shaken.

The car company said they could find nothing mechanically wrong with the SUV.

AAA's Robert Sinclair told IE: "The primary thing you can do is simply step on the brake. Generally the brake is going to be more powerful than the engine. Pull over to the side of the road and get somewhere safe."

He added that simply "turning off the car is a bad idea."

As for Crook, IE surprised her with a reunion with the dispatcher who helped save her life.