Teens arrested for egging bike riding officer

Two men accused of egging a bike rider in Lakeland probably didn't realize the man they egged was a actually a police officer who was on a bike ride during his break.

Lakeland police arrested the two men, 18-year-old Hunter Jones and 18-year-old John Stone.

Lakeland police say they egged Lt. Mike Lewis, who was out of uniform and getting in a bike ride during his meal break just after 11 p.m. Tuesday night.

Officer Lewis was cycling in the bike lane on Lake Hollingsworth Dr. and was in cycling attire, not his uniform. The officer says the car came up alongside him and he felt a strike to the back of his head, which was painful, he said.

He wasn't sure what hit him and he tried to keep his eye on the vehicle while he called in the vehicle description to officers in the area.

Another officer spotted the car the suspects were riding in, pulled them over and found an egg in one suspect's lap and cartons of more eggs in the car, along with marijuana. While the officer was talking to the suspects, he says Stone was giggling and smirking, showing no signs of remorse.

Officer Lewis rode over to their location, where he showed them his hemet and clothes, which still had egg on them.

The egg was thrown at the officer as the vehicle passed him at about 30 miles an hour. Officer Lewis thought he was hit by a soda can because of the amount of pain he was in when it hit him.

The situation could have been dangerous if the officer crashed his bike, but since he was OK, his fellow officers have taken the opportunity to razz him. "This must be very eggciting," they've joked. "Probably the best one was 'So I see that breakfast was on you,'" he said laughing.

Stone faces battery charges and both he and Jones are charged with possession of marijuana.