Tempe Police: Puppies stolen from Arizona Mills Mall

Tempe Police officials said Thursday that five French Bulldog puppies have been stolen from a pet store at the Arizona Mills mall the night before.

Surveillance cameras caught two men breaking through the back door and taking the dogs within 2 minutes, which means they knew what they were after.

According to Tempe Police, two men took the puppies out of the mall in a large gray trash can. Out of the five puppies, three of them were already purchased by families, and waiting to go home.

The puppies were on medication, and weren't allowed to leave until next week. So, the families were coming to the store regularly to visit their newest family member. The puppies are valued at sixty three-hundred dollars each

All involved say they'll be watching the internet closely for suspicious behavior

There is reportedly a $1,000 reward, and the dogs are microchipped. Anyone with information should call Tempe Police.