Temple teen's death ruled suicide by snake

A Williamson County judge has ruled that the July 2015 death of a Temple teen was a suicide using a monocled cobra. Grant Thompson's death was officially ruled as death by venomation.

Officials say that a coroner found no evidence that Thompson tried to pull away from the snake as it struck.

Thompson was found with multiple bites on his arms on July 14. He was in cardiac arrest in his car in a home improvement store parking lot near I-35 and Parmer.

A days long search for the cobra was conducted after it apparently escaped from Thompson's car.

Authorities say a man working in the area found the snake dead along the I-35 Frontage Road nearby where Thompson's car was. Authorities believe someone ran it over with their car less than half a mile from where it disappeared.

Police believe the snake got out of Thompson's car. Thompson was found unconscious with puncture wounds and was taken to a Round Rock hospital where he died.

Austin Animal Protection Supervisor Mark Sloat told FOX 7 in July that he was relieved to get a call that the snake had been found.

"We have had patrols out here every day. APD has watched for it and the public was keeping an eye on things so that's how we ended up finding it," said Sloat.

"I think they can be at ease we don't have a cobra wandering around this area," said Sloat.

While Thompson had a permit to transport the snake Sloat says deadly pit vipers are illegal inside the city of Austin. Permits through the state allow them in some other parts of Texas.

Thompson was laid to rest on July 21 in Temple.