The Harlem Globetrotters share 'The ABCs of Bullying Prevention'

FOX 29 Photojournalist Bill Rohrer has the story.

"My friends call me 'Handles' because of the way I handle the basketball."

Chris Handles Franklin of the Harlem Globetrotters has all of these students at the St. Anastasia School in Newton Square mesmerized by the team's red white and blue basketball.

"We try to captivate them with the basketball but in that same process give them a positive message that they can remember. The combination of the two makes for a great learning tool," he explained.

The Globetrotters, known worldwide as the 'Ambassadors of Goodwill', are giving back to the community. Sharing words of inspiration to hundreds of young boys and girls.

Today, there message is bullying is not cool. They are sharing 'The ABC's of Bullying Prevention.'

"Kids are faced with this every day inside school outside of school and they don't often know how to deal with it,"St Anastasia School Principal Beth Doyle said. "It is not like you are being told you are actually being a part of learning and that is what they love when learning is fun."

"Respect others. Treat others how you want to be treated. Bullying takes place because someone doesn't have a lot of friends. Be their friend. Be a good person be a good classmate," Handles Franklin said.

That message is passed on to each student loud and clear

"Nobody deserves to be left out or made fun of cause of personality, height, gender race stuff like that and he wanted to make sure that everybody knows," 8th grader Peter Laphen said.