Thousands of dollars of high-end tools stolen from East Falls metal shop

Tens of thousands of dollars of high-end tools were stolen from an East Falls metal shop.

John Rais bangs away at his life's work, and after 20 years at John Rais Studios, the fire still burns.

"We're designer blacksmiths. We design almost everything we make and we build it here," he told FOX 29.

But an early Friday morning robbery where thousands of dollars in high-end tools were swiped makes the hurt burn as bright as the steel.

"The cheapest things that were stolen might have been a $10 dollar wrench but they also stole a $5,600 welder--they stole a $2,000 plasma cutter--they stole a $3,000 welder."

He says the total losses add up to $40,000 in stolen equipment.

"I worked very hard to earn all this equipment, earn all these tools and I didn't do it through grants. I didn't do it through any trust funds cause I don't have one," he said. "I just did it through hard work."

Philadelphia police are working the case and John also showed us this video of a truck pulling up that he says contained the thieves.preparing to strike.

"I started the company 20 years ago with $836 dollars in the bank, so everything I have I earned. So it's disheartening, and it's a little bit of a gut punch."

John believes the crooks knew exactly what they were taking and may know him.

"They had a chance to buy this equipment on their own and work hard for it and they didn't. They are lesser than for that reason."

A GoFundMe has been started to raise funds for John to replace his stolen equipment. To donate, see here.