Tires slashed in Deptford Township neighborhood: Cops

"It's not like I ran over a nail or something. It's somebody going around doing this," said Michael Giordano. He woke up to police at his door early Tuesday morning.

"The cops were at the door saying someone went around slashing tires," he said.

Someone had slashed his back tire while his car was parked in front of his home on Sussex Street in Deptford Township. They got his neighbors car too. They're away on vacation.

"It seems like somebody with nothing better to do. It's like oh let me just sit around and destroy people's property and have them wake up to not being able to go to work," said Giordano.

Police say someone slashed nearly two dozen tires. It happened between nine o'clock Monday night and eight o'clock Tuesday morning.

"We had several incidents. Approximately 18 incidents of criminal mischief to vehicles in the neighborhood of Cooper Village," said Detective Lieutenant Kevin Pancoast with Deptford Township Police.

Bob Taylor left for work early Tuesday morning and didn't notice two of his tires had been slashed until he was on the road.

"The sensor came on and the van started leaning to one way so I just drove it to Wawa and got air," he said. But by the time he got to work they were completely flat.

Deptford Township Police ask that anyone with surveillance cameras check it to see if captured anything that can help them catch whoever did this.

"You hope somebody opens their mouth and then word gets out on who did it," said Taylor.