U.S. Air Force Staff Sergeant Reunited with his K-9 Partner

PHILADELPHIA (WXTF) - A reunion one year in the making occurred at Philadelphia International Airport between a U.S. Air Force Serviceman and his former partner Monday

A year has passed since Staff Sergeant Terry White served with his K-9 partner "Hattie" in Guam. The two worked together patrolling the jungles for poachers and responding to bomb threats.

However, when doctors found that Hattie had an irregular heartbeat her military career was cut short. When Sergeant White was sent to Afghanistan he was heartbroken that Hattie could no longer go with him.

White says leaving her behind was unbearable, "It's one of the hardest things you've gotta do. It's your partner. She protects me, I protect her. We work every day together, we train 12 plus hours a day."

After spending a year apart White was fortunately able to adopt his former battlefield partner. The two will be together again in the near future through a reunion made possible by "Mission K-9 Rescue."

Watch the emotional reunion above.