Upper Darby residents concerned with tree laying on house and dangerously close to power lines

A scary sight in Upper Darby – a tree too close to poles and wires. Neighbors say it’s dangerous and want something done about it.

“I just heard a big boom and I woke up and there was the tree laying on the back of my house,” said a resident.

For a week, residents of Suburban Way, in Upper Darby, have a scary backyard view.

“It was definitely a shock. My kids were scared because both of their rooms were in the back,” the resident stated.

A large tree branch broke off of a tree from a neighboring cemetery and appears to be on a power line.

“It’s very dangerous. I don’t know why nobody hasn’t been out. They didn’t do anything,” the resident added.

FOX 29 reached out to PECO. They stated they have been by for an assessment and will be out to fix the issue Tuesday. But, the family that lives in the home says it shouldn’t take so long to resolve the problem.

“You can hear the tree still, like, cracking. I just don’t want the tree to give in and fall through the window or anything. You know, cause this is, literally, laying against my house,” explained the resident.

The cemetery was afraid of touching the powerlines but says they were ready to take matters into their own hands.

“We opened up a claim with PECO and heard nothing from them for a little while and I tried to call the township and didn’t hear back from them, either. So, my next step was to handle it on our own and call our own tree company,” Kevin Monaghan, with the cemetery, explained.

PECO said they will need to shut off power Tuesday and bring special equipment out to remove the tree.

“They said they’re going to take care of it so they’re on top of it. So, there in the process of cutting off the electric and hopefully getting if off these folks roof,” said Monaghan added.

PECO says they will notify residents. Meanwhile, neighbors say they hope PECO follows through.

“It’s very frustrating. All I can do is keep praying that it won’t come down and that it just stays there until they come and get it,” the resident remarked.


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