Vandals caught on tape attempting to tear down Trump sign

Vandals were caught on tape attempting to tear down a Bucks County man's 4x8 Donald Trump campaign sign from his commercial property on Bustleton Pike.

"To have somebody trespass on my property and do damage to something like this which is my own personal view. It's very upsetting to me," Pawlowski told FOX 29.

J ohn Pawlowski says he's aggravated that someone tried to silence his personal political views. Pawlowski gave the security footage to Northampton Township police and found out he wasn't the only victim in town. Courtney Shaya, of Richboro, tells FOX 29 News that her family's $150 Trump banner was also removed from their property Tuesday night.

"I'm trying to raise kids that are not afraid to speak up for what they believe in and that won't be silenced by other people," Shaya explained.

Shaya says she went out to the store and picked up a more permanent solution: a can of spray paint.

We reached out to the Northampton Township Police Department multiple times to see where the investigation stands and if there were more cases of vandalism related to the upcoming election. No one returned our calls.