Vehicle drives along beach from Clearwater to Caladesi Island

Officers have surrounded a vehicle on the beach at Caladesi Island after the driver apparently mowed down beach chairs and umbrellas to get there.

Clearwater police officers say the vehicle drove from the north part of Clearwater Beach all the way north onto Caladesi Island while screaming and drinking alcohol. "We're gonna die, bro!" he was heard yelling on video while live streaming to Facebook.

In a press conference after the ordeal, Clearwater police said it was "very fortunate no one was hurt, could have been worse."

The driver was reported to have driven over chairs and umbrellas, but no injuries have been reported. In his live video, people can be seen very close to the driver's Jeep.

That suspect was identified as Ryan Stiles, of Pinellas Park. Police said they first heard about what was happening when someone watching Stiles' live broadcast called to report him for saying he "wanted to take out police," a car, or a building.

Once officers caught up with Stiles on the beach, they tried to stop him but were unsuccessful. Officers followed Stiles' Jeep Cherokee until he came to a stop on Caladesi Island.

Officers were unsure of the results of any blood alcohol tests but said all indications were such that Stiles had been drinking. They added, Stiles has a history of resisting officers with violence.

Once Stiles was taken to jail, officers say he again became "reckless" in the holding cell, swinging his belt at a window and shattering the glass door.