Video goes viral after tempers flare at Chicago crime scene

CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) -Tension was high at a crime scene in Humboldt Park, Chicago, on Sunday morning. A local resident captured some of the battle on his cell phone in a video that showed agitation between the community and police.

Chicago police say three people were shot in a car near Avers and Ferdinand. The shots were fired from the sidewalk. The driver and the front seat passenger, both men in their thirties, died. A woman in the backseat was transported to a hospital.

The community started showing up at the scene shortly after and stayed through the morning.

There was a scuffle between a local and an officer, who then reaches for his baton. Community members stepped in trying to calm the situation by putting themselves between the police and the crowd.

The video now has more than 620,000 views on Facebook and 6,000 likes.

"The younger generation just don't have no respect for the police at all so that's what they do," said neighbor April Carson.

People we spoke to in the neighborhood didn't want to say much on camera. Most said they don't have any issues with officers. They just go to work, come home and keep to themselves.

Carson has family in this neighborhood and visits often. She and her fiance say it's not a clear cut situation, the relationship with the community and police is complicated and there are generational differences.

"The older crowd teenager, they don't want to listen. They want to do their thing, make their money or whatever. I've been there, done that. I had to learn for myself," said Donald Lewis.

They agree the national headlines of police officer involved shootings and now household names like Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown and Eric Garner have caused the tension, distrust and disrespect to soar.

"The young boys don't respect the police anymore like the gangs or whatever they don't but the police officer need to be more people-people know how to control, they think they have more authority than anybody," said Lewis.

The woman injured in the shooting early this morning is in stable condition and expected to recover.