Video shows Georgia teen dragged in road rage incident

New video shows a road rage incident in Gwinnett County escalating to the point of a teenager being dragged by his head out a car window.

The 18-year-old driver says he turned onto Georgia Highway 316 near Buford Drive when another driver ran him off the road.

That second driver, identified by police as Emmitt Grubbs, came around from the shoulder, resulting in a fender bender.

The video shows Grubbs getting out of his car and angrily approaching the truck.

The teen said Grubbs punched him in the face and took his keys. So, the teen grabbed a baseball bat and went after Grubbs. But that didn't stop him.

The video shows Grubbs put the teen in a headlock and then take off.

Officers said he was dragged about a mile-and-a-half at 40-miles-per-hour.