Video: Suspects beat, rob man in Kensington

Philadelphia Police are looking for three men they say beat and robbed another man Saturday in Kensington.

"I was going over there for an interview and that's it."

He left a job interview and ended up in the hospital after an ambush attack caught on camera showed him being beaten and kicked repeatedly in the face.

"I just came out and it happened," the victim told FOX 29.

"One of them punched him with such force-- he fell immediately to the ground," said Philadelphia Police Captain Sekou Kinebrew. "One of the other males proceeded to kick him, punch him repeatedly while he was in a completely defenseless position."

The victim was knocked unconscious. He can barely recall what happened. He says he was simply looking for a job at a local restaurant to support his 4-month-old daughter when he was viciously attacked by two men and ended up in the hospital with multiple facial injuries.

"Broken nose, orbital bone, too. Yeah," he said .

Police say the beating took place here at B and Tioga Saturday afternoon at 12;30. Before the beating, two men can be seen checking stores on the block, then a man with a cast on his right arm also peaked inside several stores. When the victim walked out, he got knocked out, according to police.

"It doesn't appear there was any sort of conversation or harsh words or anything like that prior to the assault", Captain Kinebrew added.

Police say they're no sure why the man with the cast was there, but he watched and did nothing to help.

"It's rather clear, so we're hoping someone recognizes either of the three males and lets us know who they are," the Captain explained.

Police say the victim's wallet, cash and cell phone were stolen from him after he was knocked unconscious. Neighbors told FOX 29 they believe the suspects are from the area. They were too afraid to speak to us on camera. Anyone with information on the suspects can call East Detectives.