Vigil held for developer killed in Rittenhouse Square stabbing

A vigil for a well-known Philadelphia developer stabbed to death right off Rittenhouse Square.

At least three dozen gathered to remember and honor the life of Sean Schellenger.

Broken hearted loved ones gathered to remember the 37-year-old, lighting candles and displaying photos. They came to the spot where police say Schellenger was knifed to death.

It happened just before 11 Thursday night at 17th and Chancellor Streets.

Schellenger was enjoying a night out with friends when police say he had gotten out of a car to direct traffic during a jam up.

Cops say that's when 20-year-old Michael White was passing by on a bicycle. The two got into an altercation and authorities allege White stabbed Schellenger once in the back, killing him.

At Saturday's candlelight vigil, family and friends despaired over the senseless nature of one irrevocable act.

"You know what, that night, two people's lives got lost. Not just Sean's. Michael White will never ever get back the life he lived," said Sean's best friend, Carol Serena.

White peacefully turned himself into police late Friday, surrounded by family.

Schellenger's best friend refutes rumors she says she's heard regarding a role race may have played in the altercation. Schellenger is white, the suspect is black.

"What I have heard is people are making racial connotations about that night and I will not stand for that. I knew that person. He was not that person. If you want to have an argument about that, make it maybe there was too much drinking, not enough police activity because there never is, but don't make it about that," Serena said.