Violent arrest caught on tape in Kensington

A violent arrest in Philadelphia's Kensington neighborhood was caught on camera, posted to Facebook, and quickly went viral.

The disturbing video had many people concerned with police behavior, and what's appropriate.

Despite rules, regulations, and laws, these viral videos show that the abuse of authority has to stop.

FOX 29's Hank Flynn went to Elkhart Street, where the video of the physical arrest of a man named Menor happened early Monday morning.

The video, posted by Ariel Rivera, appears to show the suspect's head smashed into the pavement by Philadelphia Police as he's handcuffed. Then, a hand appears to be placed around his throat.

When the suspect resists, he gets slammed twice into the ground, with his head seemingly taking most of the impact.

Another video obtained by FOX 29 gives a different look at an incident first made known in a video shot and posted by Ariel Rivera that quickly went viral.

"You know, it makes you angry, because nobody deserves that. Nobody deserves any treatment like that, it's not fair. It doesn't matter what he did," a neighbor explained.

Police say a 21-year-old man was arrested and faced with a narcotics charge before he was taken to the hospital as a prisoner.

They added that the incident remains under investigation. Internal affairs detectives were on the block along Elkhart Tuesday afternoon.

One family in the neighborhood tells FOX 29 they are the closest thing to a family that the arrested man, Kevin Rovila, has here in the U.S.

Originally from Puerto Rico, they say Rovila struggled with heroin addiction.

The family says they fed him and let him stay on the porch and use the bathroom. He'd clean up out front to pay back the kindness.

Rovila kept a bed on the sidewalk by Hope Park. Benjamin Rosario says that's where Kevin was when the incident with police started.