Viva Video: One of area's final video stores set to close

Who remembers renting films from a video store? 

Seems like a thing of the past, but Fox 29 Photojournalist Bill Rohrer found one of the last stores in our area, but not for much longer.

Viva Video, the last Picture store in Ardmore, first opened its doors in 2012. Since then, it’s built up quite the reputation. 

"This is a place that has heart and this is a place people can gather. And if you just walk in here, start a conversation with any employee, you're going to get an amazing conversation," Ian Clements said.

Viva’s library has close to 20 thousand films. 

"Well, they have everything. I mean, they have stuff that's so obscure, and for a movie nerd like me, that's the greatest thing ever because I'm always looking for obscure movies that no one's ever heard of," customer Kelly Royds said.

Miguel Gomez opened the store after the video store he was working at closed. "We started when it was already a crazy idea. The only reason to do it was because of the deep seated love for it," he said. But, the love for this store will soon end. Another business offered Miguel’s landlord more money for the space. Too much for Viva to stay. "I know that the end of it for this area I mean that's really rough. And I mean and I can't I just can't think about it," Miguel said.

Leaving film enthusiasts without a place to grow their love of films. "All of the algorithms for Hulu, Netflix, for Amazon, like they still haven't figured out how to recommend something that specifically you like. They can recommend stuff based on what you're watching, but it doesn't necessarily know you, it doesn't understand you or why you watch the movies that you do," assistant manager Bryan Way said.

The way people watch movies here at Viva is definitely changing…but the family around it will remain forever. Bill Rohrer Fox 29 News.

Viva will permanently close 8/31/21 they will sell off most of their library August 5th-22nd.

For more information on their last social events.



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