Volunteers plead for return of South Philadelphia community fridge they say was stolen

South Philadelphia Community Fridge is asking for help after they say one of their refrigerators was stolen.

Volunteers with the group say the community fridge outside the Bok Building at 1901 South 9th Street was taken around 6:30 p.m. Tuesday night.

The group says they have no interest in pressing charges, they just want the refrigerator back.

Luckily, the group had a spare fridge in storage that they quickly moved to fill spot. Neighbors who heard about the theft jumped in to stock the new fidge.

They say the Bok Building is providing video to help them find the missing refrigerators, and are asking anyone with information to reach out. Organizers believe the thieves scrapped the fridge for money.

"We're not mad at them because they did it for a reason, their life is in a situation where you had to steal a community fridge to get to the next day and I think that's really hard for people to hear," Jessica Vasquez said. "People want to be mad about it, but we just want to get food to people."

South Philadelphia Community Fridge has five refrigerators scattered around South Philadelphia to help serve its local community.